Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Three that May is known

It's also called the month of Elders (maiores) or perhaps many occasions- it could be both. In the first point, a month of Elders...perhaps it's because elections are usually held in this month (in this country) or the second point, a month of fertility simply because it is spring to most people on the northern hemisphere.

For me though, there are only three things certain in the month of May.

Let me enumerate;

One- No other month begins or ends on the same day of the week as May in any year.

Two- F-C-B-D. No it's not the new arrangement of letters in the's a worldwide event dubbed as the Free Comic Book Day celebrated on the first Saturday of May. As for the local counterpart, there are certain tweaks or twists as you can clearly see here. And if you are interested to participate, I have one word of advice- BE EARLY.

and finally...

Three-The Annual Summer Komikon 2012. It's a gathering of who's who in the local comics/ komiks industry. It's also a place to showcase independent and fresh talent of the genre and at the same time a recognition to those who have succeeded to spread the medium. Of course it is not without its usual and distinct flavor of our version of flea-market like setting we call in the vernacular tiangge. Showcasing various products related- somewhat or not at all. Still, a can't-miss event for this time of the month.

Obviously there are a lot more events and happenings for this each his/her own I say.


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